The Clock is Ticking

A User’s Guide to Meeting the 14 Deadlines in the Agreement of Sale

When a property goes under agreement, Buyers and Sellers typically breathe a collective sigh of relief.  Real estate agents on the other hand know that the true work is just beginning.

If a standard PAR (Pennsylvania Association of REALTORS®) agreement of sale is used in a transaction, there are 14 deadlines that must be met in order for the parties to be in compliance with the terms of the agreement.  Missing any one of these deadlines can have dire consequences to the party that fails to live up to their end of the bargain. Continue reading

The Home Selling Process

What does it take to get your home SOLD in this market?  Click on the infographic to follow the process.


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Eight Tips to Win the Day in Multiple Offer Situations

In the competitive environment that we find ourselves in today, make your real estate purchase offer stand out.  Inventory levels of residential homes for sale are at an all-time low with absorption rates in most price ranges, way down.  Many sellers are now entertaining multiple offers on their properties and can afford to be choosy.

To help you get that perfect home, here are eight tips to consider when drawing up your agreement:   Continue reading

Why For Sale By Owners Are On the Decline

Did you ever look at an activity and say to yourself, “That doesn’t look so hard.  I think I could do that.”  Take the example of playing golf.  What’s the big deal?  Swing at a white ball approximately 70 times during a typical four hour round and pick the spherical object out of a gopher hole 18 times and WALLAH! – – – you’re ready to tee it up at the US Open.  That is until you actually get out there and try to do it. Continue reading