Folio for Gmail – Yea!!!

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I’m not one to usually endorse services or products on my blog but I stumbled upon a Gmail extension the other day that I have to trumpet to my fellow real estate agents.  It’s called Folio.

Any agent that has ever processed a real estate transaction from start to finish knows that trying to keep track of all the paperwork, emails, conversations, deadlines, and notes is a daunting task.  The developers of Folio, Amitree, apparently felt your pain.  Here are some of the features that make this extension special: 

  • Automatically Organize Transactions – Folio automatically places emails into Smart Folders for each one of your transactions.
  • Documents & Files at a Glance – Easily find important documents and contacts for each transaction you’re working on.
  • Timelines to Share With Clients – Share timelines with clients so they can see what’s coming up during closing, and see your preferred service providers.
  • Calendar Sync – When you add or change a date in the timeline, dates are automatically synced to everyone’s calendar.
  • Reminders and Notes – Set up reminders or notes for your clients at any step during closing: from inspections through insurance to the loan deadline.
  • Resources & Concierge Services – Provide your clients with resources to find home insurance, movers, or to set up local utilities.

Oh yeah – I almost forgot the most important feature.  IT’S FREE!

If you want a quick overview, play the YouTube video below.  If you want to download the extension, visit

All the best!

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