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Is the Real Estate Agent the Next Dodo Bird?

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Once a month, I teach real estate pre-licensing classes to people that have interest in obtaining their real estate license.  There are all kinds of people in the class from all walks of life.  Of all the people who take the classes, my gut feeling is that probably less than 50% of them actually pursue getting their real estate salesperson’s license.  But the ones that want to enter this business are the ones that usually bring the most questions to class and make observations about our business that cause me to rethink what I think is a given.

This past weekend, I had a young lady in the front row make a statement and then ask a pointed question:  “With all the changes occurring in the real estate industry and the onset of technological tools that makes it easier for the consumer to buy and sell real estate, it’s probably only a matter of time before real estate agents aren’t needed anymore.  What do you think?”

Pretty blunt and to the point, wouldn’t you say?  While this question came from one student, I realized that the vast majority of the class was intently waiting on my answer.

In a nutshell, here is what I said – – –   

Agents who don’t understand how the game has changed or don’t care to want to know, and don’t have the skills to offer clients great service and the most current marketing tools, will be obsolete in a very short time.  Because of the pace of evolving technology, increased regulations, the explosion of social media, and the complexity of orchestrating a real estate transaction, it is essential that an agent strive to continually reinvent themselves.  If they don’t, they will go the way of the DoDo Bird.  It is becoming increasingly difficult in today’s highly transparent world, to hide bad skills.

Agents who ‘get it’ will not only survive, but will thrive in the new world order of real estate.  Excellent agents aren’t going anywhere.

Sure, there will always be consumers who can ‘do it themselves’ if they have the time, knowledge, and skills to invest in working a real estate transaction.  However, those people are few and far between.  The average person doesn’t have the time, can’t keep up with trends and laws, or just has no interest in taking on one more thing in their already complicated, busy lives.

A full-service, well-trained real estate agent will never be obsolete.  But we are seeing the end of agents who are unwilling to learn or embrace new skills and people entering the profession because they ‘like looking at houses’ or ‘like watching HGTV.’

A couple of people squirmed in their seats.  All the best!




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